Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

Journalist Award “Discover Turano”

Foto1 The Turano Valley has its first winners. The winners of the first national journalist award “Discover Turano” received their prizes on the 26th of June at the Palatium regional wine cellar, in Via Frattina in Rome. Many Italian pens and voices from all over the country took part in the prize. Wide-breadth reportages, TV and radio programs, online articles and news where the journalists

proved they truly appreciated the beauty, scents and flavours of an unpolluted land, and were able to convey that to their readers, audience and radio listeners.

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Here are the winners
among all those who were able to capture the true essence of the Alta Sabina territory and the new “Truffle and Chestnut Road”, with various ex-aequo winners proving various news items were considered to be deserving of recognition by the jury.

1st Prize

Foto2 BRUNO GAMBACORTA “Il tartufo della Valle del Turano” (The Turano valley truffle), which aired on Tg2 Eat Parade (the 9th April at 13:45, with 1 million 926 thousand viewers) Reason: “For making the Turano Valley appealing in all seasons. A knowledgeable mix of good food, beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages. A journey through the delectable that leaves your mouth watering by the end of the program”.

2nd ex-aequo Prize

Foto3 CRISTINA VIGGÈ “Vezzoso Lazio” (Charming Lazio) published on the online magazine “Milano da” Reason: “for moving with descriptions, playing with words. A lively and cheerful report readers can really get into”. MARINA CIOCCOLONI – “La Valle Incantata” (The enchanted valley) published on the online magazine Taccuino di Reason: “she was able to fully convey that fascinating Turano Valley encounter

between past and future in her article. Especially careful with details and descriptions of places, her tourist suggestions were very useful”.

3rd Prize

MAURIZIO DI MAGGIO – “Turano….sembra il nome di un’auto”, (Turano… sounds like a car) aired on RMC Radio Montecarlo Reason: “Enticing program that was able to spark listeners’ curiosity and make them want to visit for real. An innovative description, as though introducing a new sporty and snazzy car”.

1st Prize

Foto4 GIULIA STOCK “Volano aquile sull’Alta Sabina” (Eagles fly in Alta Sabina) published on the Turin-based newspaper La Stampa. Reason: “a long journey made of stops, scents and flavours. Because the slow traveller gets a different kind of emotion. And then the merit of knowing how to exalt the importance of tourism out of the larger circuits.

2nd ex-aequo Prize

Foto5 ALESSANDRA MONETI for the ANSA agency release by the title: “Alimentare. Nasce strada tartufo e castagna. (Food: Truffle and chestnut road created). Turano Valley” Reason: “for skilfully succeeding in condensing vast amounts of information.” ANTONIO CASTELLO with the article published on the newspaper Italia Sera by the title: “Tartufo, castagne e non solo”. (Truffle, chestnuts and more). Reason: “for skilfully playing between present and past, using literary quotes,

making the reportage even more captivating whilst respecting the memory of the territory”.

3rd Prize

MARIA LUISA MOSELLO con with the piece published on free press Metro by the title: “Turano Valley”. Reason: “for a very essential and dry language, which was nevertheless complete and very informative”.


1st ex-aequo Prize 

Foto6 IDA SANTILLI for the report “La valle delle tentazioni” (The Valley of temptations), published on Plein Air Reason: “The article is a good condensation and provides all necessary information. Well written and harmonious.” IRENE BRACCIALARGHE for the reportage “Valle di Turano. Un tuffo nel verde” (Turano Valley, a dive in greenery), published on Turit-Turismo All’Aria Aperta.

Reason: “a pleasant and captivating read, based on personal experience with precise suggestions for campers. Beautiful pictures and good page layout”.

2nd ex-aequo Prize

Foto7 GIANNI ANGELINI for the report “La valle felice” (Happy valley) published on the magazine Autocaravan Reason: “wide reportage, careful and well constructed, filled with good historical reference. MARINA MOIOLI for the report published on the magazine Buona Cucina by the title “L’isola dei sapori” (The island of flavours). Reason: “interesting tourism report that was able to evidence the gastronomic peculiarities of the Turano Valley,

through a simple language, yet filled with emotion and rich with information.”

3rd Prize
ESTER IPPOLITO with the report “Lazio, valle del Turano fra tartufi e castagne” (Lazio, Turano valley between truffle and chestnuts) on the magazine Turismo Attualità she directs. Reason: “A rich report, filled with information that has emphasised even the most technical aspects of the truffle and chestnut road. A pleasant, simple and direct style”.

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