Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

On that branch of the lake

A wonderful nature reserve, some of The most Beautiful Villages of Italy, scents and flavours that still manage to surprise us.  This and more awaits us along the Road.

The car struggles to climb along the fascinating local stone roads, just gravel in parts. They reveal uncontaminated nature, filled with juniper and broom shrubs and myrtle, blackthorn, dog rose, spindle, mountain ash, wild fennel and blackberry bushes, as well as orchids, gentian, lilies, violets, primroses, daffodils and anemones, scilla and snowdrops. Here, every season has its own colours: bright green in spring and summer, then red, yellow and orange in autumn, and so on until winter, when nature goes dormant and the landscape dresses in the cool colours of earth and bare trees. 01_ValledelTurano.jpg
Then snow reappears on the highest peaks of the Mounts Cervia and Navegna and their Regional Reserve, which includes the towns of Collegiove, Marcetelli, Varco, Paganico Sabino, Ascrea, Nespolo, Collalto Sabino, Castel di Tora and Rocca Sinibalda for a total of about 3,600 hectares. Characterized by beech, chestnut, elm, oak, hazel and maple tree forests, with over 900 plant species reported, there are also royal eagles, wolves and wild cats. The Reserve, a territory that lies between the basins of rivers Salto and Turano, includes Mount Navegna (1,508 m) and Mount Filone (1,329 m) hills in the north, and is limited by the Obito gorge, the hills of Mount Cervia (1,436 m), an extensive mountain ridge broken by the depths of the Riancoli gorge in the south.