Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

Companies on the Road

The authentic flavors and accommodation “humane” have a definite advantage to make you feel at home. Chestnuts, truffles and other local products are available directly from companies.

Most companies on the Road are family-run businesses where ancient recipes passed down through the generations are revisited to the delight of their guests. The abundant portions are their chefs’ special pride. A single dish contains all the calories of a full meal, satisfying even the most figure-conscious, in accordance with the food combining diet known as “the Hay diet”. The Sabina tradition usually includes meat-based dishes. However, a vegetarian or vegan menu is always available, as vegetables, legumes such as cicerchie (wild chick peas), beans and chickpeas, as well as whole grains such as wheat, emmer wheat and barley are an integral part of this cooking tradition.

Many restaurants even have their own vegetable garden, so that dishes are often enhanced with the scents and colours of hand-picked vegetables and aromatic herbs. Flowers, fruits and wild herbs that stimulate all our senses: strawberries, blackberries, gooseberry, elderberry, chicory and nettle, borage, and thistle all play their part in recipes such as nettle omelettes or ravioli, field herbs soups, distillations and preserves. All truffle, mushroom, and chestnut based recipes are very common in all the Road restaurants, but they will all have something unique about them, as every chef will tell you about each and every ingredient used, about how he gathered these precious prized fruits in hidden locations

in the woods, which only he knows about and where he goes back to for more, year after year. He’ll tell you about competing against greedy boars and of their infallibility in finding truffles and tubers all over the place. doveacquistareen dovedormireen

Food is hand-prepared in compliance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system, which ensures food is prepared in clean premises, kept at the most suitable temperature and in the most appropriate manner, that refrigerators are efficient, stores well organized and inaccessible to “unwelcome guests” and finally that all kitchen personnel adheres to strict rules of hygiene. Regional, in-season and fresh products are preferred. In some cases chefs prefer to guarantee certain ingredients throughout the year so they may use frozen out-of-season products, but they will always be of certified origin.

To help you choose your preferred destination, we used symbols to illustrate the most important information
a_ic_animaliPets welcome b_ic_biologicoOrganic menu
b_ic_disabiliDisabled access b_ic_vegetarianoVegetarian or vegan menu available upon request
a_ic_produzOwn production a_ic_sportSport, relax, wellbeing
a_ic_fornoalegnaWood fired oven a_ic_ambienteEnvironmentally friendly
b_ic_ingredientiBasic cuisine ingredients b_ic_enerverdeGreen energy
b_ic_biologicoOrganic ingredients