Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

Buying products on the road

Chestnuts, truffles and other local products are available directly from the companies listed below.As well as ensuring price clarity and convenience, this ensures product freshness, seasonality and safety. Given their high quality and that they are only available during the harvest season we suggest you call the producers listed here in advance for confirmation on the ideal time to go on there and make a good purchase.

paganico sabino

Cooperativa Agricola “Valle del Turano”

(in conversione biologica)
Via Garibaldi, 26 Paganico
Tel 3488854807
riposo settimanale – martedì
collalto sabino

Biscotteria di Montagna

Piazza Marconi, 2 Collalto Sabino
Tel 3394093332

Azienda agricola di Stizioli Monica Produzione castagne

Via Orveniense, 42 Collegiove
Tel 0863 909161
Fax 0863 909161

Azienda agricola di Ascani Giuseppe Produzione castagne

Via Umberto I, 136 Collegiove
Tel 0765 99090