Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

Castel di Tora

The Lake of Turano bridge offers a 360° of this mirror of water that sneaks through the surrounding hills. Castel di Tora is on the northeastern coast, 33 km from Rieti and 19 from Carsoli. This picturesque medieval village, with 607 metres of altitude, is to all purposes a fortress, an ancient pentagonal shaped keep, with a sheer drop to the Lake of Turano. Right in front of the town you can see the equally fascinating village of Antuni, which can be visited only on foot, asking ahead at the Tourist Information Point. The history of the village, which used to be called “Castelvecchio”, is very interesting and full of anecdotes, and can be further explored with the aid of local guides. 01_tappe_scheda_castel_di_tora.jpg


The palace of the Dragon and the entire fifteenth and sixteenth century village of Antuni in the small peninsula that stretches onto an isthmus to the lake. You can also see the Hermitage of St. Salvatore, built next to a sheer drop to the lake.


Castel di Tora is part of the club promoted by the Anci that names The most beautiful villages in Italy and even received a prize as BEST VILLAGE OF THE YEAR 2008, in the ‘up to 2 thousand inhabitants’ category (it currently counts with less than 300).

Loc. Vignette
tel. 0765 716313