Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

A Road that lives in its flavours

The route described in this website takes you places where ancient agricultural traditions accompany pleasant and brief breaks in nature, surrounded by traditional architecture and Turano Valley culture: a full immersion of just a few hours or a few days, a real replenishment of healthy and genuine well being.

Many wonderful places in Italy are enlivened by the activities of small and very small communities. The eleven municipalities that make up the Turano Valley Truffle and Chestnut Road offer visitors their disarming simplicity: the curious gaze of the elderly as they chat, comfortably seated in the little squares under the shade of a leafy tree, or the kindness and smiles of the younger inhabitants who have decided to begin various tourist and agricultural activities in order to offer the best of this land.
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01_lastrada.pngIn every menu of the restaurants that take part in this project you will find at least two traditional recipes. There will also be tasting of chestnut-based dishes (chestnut was known as “pauper’s bread” for its high starch content), and different varieties of prized truffle, the “black diamond of cuisine” as it is called by experts and food-lovers, as well as many other traditional products, like the Sabina DOP extra virgin olive oil.
These recipes are made with “local goodness”, as all the ingredients are in season and locally produced. At the same time, in all reception facilities you will always find a space dedicated to the display and sale of traditional local seasonal products, with clearly labelled and appropriate services, as well as various leaflets to find out more about the Sabina territory in general.