Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

Local goodness

01_lastrada.pngA wide variety of traditional local products are farmed as organic or under integrated pest management in accordance with Lazio region and European community protocols, or grow spontaneously in the unpolluted areas of the Regional Reserve of Mounts Navegna and Cervia, contributing to the biodiversity of this corner of paradise.
Many of the traditional dishes and specialties served by Turano Valley restaurants use exclusively fresh, seasonal and locally farmed products. Food that has travelled for many kilometres before being served is one thing: freshness at hand’s reach is quite another! Various seasonal wild herbs, for example, are “reinterpreted” by local cooks to create delicious omelettes, risottos and side dishes.

Proximity to the main olive production centres ensures that the Turano Valley Truffle and Chestnut Road can benefit from the prestigious Sabina DOP extra virgin olive oil that a while back gave life to the Oil and traditional Sabina products Road.
This precious legume is grown by just a few farmers in the area and will apparently loose its sensory qualities if moved to other environments.
In the same area there is a great distribution of maize and wheat: local trattorie (home-made dining) offer polenta (golden-yellow cornmeal made from ground maize) in all its variations. Castel di Tora holds a famous Polenta food fair in the Spring, on the first Sunday of Lent.
The genuine local breeders’ sheep, pork and beef meat is also remarkable.