Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

The truffle

TartufoBianca.pngThe province of Rieti is one of Italy’s greatest truffle producers, the Turano valley and the areas of Ascrea and Stipes in particular, where the most prized species of the “Melanosporum” family (prized white and prized black), but also Scorzone and Uncinato species are found. Stipes itself is already looking forward to the next edition of the famous mid-August food fair, which is a veritable truffle feast for the province of Rieti and for the whole of Central Italy. The fair brings constant cooperation between institutions and local entrepreneurs to enhance truffle production, and is helped by events like Central Italy’s Truffle Day and the Regional market exhibit, which are growingly followed and affirmed.

As well as growing spontaneously, truffles are also grown in specially cultivated truffle grounds called “tartufaie”, where specific wood essences and spores are planted and sown in the plants’ roots. Truffles, like chestnuts, play a fundamental role in the environmental preservation of the territory: their very presence is due to a vital “micro system”. They generate and live under the ground and have a mutual relationship with the roots of the trees they attach to and with other living beings, such as enzymes, insects and mammals. The latter prepare an ideal habitat for them, eat them and digest them, causing the germination and distribution of their reproductive spores.
The Turano Valley’s hills, its temperate-warm climate and calcareous terrain, all combine to offer optimal conditions for the development of this “globule”. The local truffle’s undisputable quality is demonstrated by its rounded appearance as well as by its intense scent, which confirms its value.