Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

Rocca Sinibalda

The history of this delightful village, 552 m asl and among the most important centres of the Turano Valley with a population of about 830, is tied into the events that have befallen its famous castle throughout the centuries. Its position, overlooking the plane below, has always made it a sought-after objective for the area’s powerful feudal lords. It dates back to at least the tenth century, and in 1527 Clement VII de’ Medici gave the castle to cardinal Alessandro Cesarini, who transformed it from “simple” military fortification to the imposing construction we can see today, so conceived by architect Baldassarre Peruzzi. From the 1600s its history is a succession of changes until 1903, when Victor Emmanuel III, recently crowned King of Italy, visited the building, which served as town hall, magistrate’s court and Royal Carabinieri police station at the time. 01_tappe_scheda_rocca_sinibalda.jpg


The castle and the great sighting tower near the village. The Church of the Madonna of Snow, a kilometre away from the town, near the Convent, its high altar framed by precious baroque stuccos, and the Church of St. Erasmus, near Vallecupola, with various renaissance era canvases.


In 1928 the Ministry of Cultural Heritage declared the castle “national monument”. In the hamlet of Magnalardo you can taste the water from the Cottorella source. From Rocca Sinibalda you can leave for various excursions: climb up to the 950 metres of Mount Pelato, departing from the town of Trampani, or even higher, up to the 1.800 metres of  Mount Navegna.

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