Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

Colle di Tora

A descendant of the ancient Roman town of Tora, the town today counts 380 inhabitants (“collepiccolesi”), and was called Collepiccolo up to 1864. It was built between the tenth and the eleventh century on a rocky cliff 542 m asl, overlooking lake Turano, offering safe refuge against the fierce attacks of Saracens and Hungarians. From the eleventh to the thirteenth century it belonged to the Abbey of Farfa, then its history is tied into the major Noble Houses of the area for centuries. The town was included in the province of Perugia with the establishment of the Kingdom of Italy, until the province of Rieti was created in 1927. 01_tappe_scheda_colle_di_tora.jpg


The Church of Saint Lorenzo, the Church of the Madonna of the Hill, the historical centre, the park. During winter months, when the water reaches the maximum level of the basin, the bulkheads are open the water drops for 70 metres from the dam, creating a waterfall.


The pea bean is an exclusivity of the area (a food fair is dedicated to it at the end of October), and it is a definitive must, together with the many locally produced meat and sheep and goat cheese-based specialties. A special mention goes to “arrosticini” (mini lamb kebabs), in mid-August and “U pizzillu coll’erbe”, pizza and herbs, in mid-September.

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