Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano


The little information available about this small town of the Sabina region, at 703 m asl and about 250 inhabitants, traces its foundation to the second half of the eleventh century. The ancient name of the town (Petescia) can be read for the first time in 890 in some documents of the Abbey of Farfa. It was a feud of the Orsini, of the Tagliacozzo, of the Muti and starting in 1632, for nearly three centuries, it was ruled by the noble Roman family of the Borghese, until the abolition of fiefs. 01_tappe_scheda_turania.jpg


The Church of the Most Holy Saviour, completely rebuilt in 1779 on the ruins of a previous century’s building; the Church of Saint Mary of Carmine, built in the sixteenth century near the town, where they celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Carmine on the second Sunday of July; the Permanent museum of Contemporary Art, inside the Town Hall building, with a prestigious bronze statue of Father Pio by maestro Silvio Amelio; a recently renovated sixteenth century Mill.


Formerly called Petescia, the town was named Turania only in 1950 for the name of the river that runs through the valley below. Colourful handcrafted air balloons, built by some fans, depart from the town centre during the festival on the first Sunday in September, dedicated to St. Anthony and St. Donatus. Of course, don’t forget the Chestnut Festival, on the last Sunday of October.

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