Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano


In order to join the Turano Valley Truffle and Chestnut Road, and therefore benefit from and display the name, a company requires more than just being based in one of the municipalities that are included in its jurisdiction: it needs to accept, share and comply with a specific set of regulations and requisites.
Special attention will therefore be given to:

  • communication with the public: company details (name, contact numbers, addresses), closing days, languages spoken other than Italian, menus displayed with clearly marked prices, as well as official information material prepared by the Road committee;
  • consistent quality in internal and external environments: d├ęcor, cleanliness, illumination and accessibility, resting and parking areas, bathroom facilities and other public services;
  • spaces for food tasting and sale of traditional Sabina products, especially truffle and chestnut based products, whether fresh (only in their production season) or preserved (in all seasons), with a clear and well displayed price list;
  • truffles and chestnuts offered in at least one of the restaurant and catering structures menu (when in season), or, should they not be available, at least one dish with traditional Sabina products. Also, Sabina DOP extra virgin olive oil and at least 2 DOC wines in the wine list, of which 1 from the Sabina hills and 1 from the Lazio region.