Strada del Tartufo e della Castagna - Valle del Turano

The prized white truffle

Tuber magnatum

Exterior appearance: similar to a potato, irregular shape. In some cases, when the soil is brittle, it can be smooth and regular shaped.
the flesh varies from brown to hazel, sometimes with reddish-pinkish nuances and whitish veins. It also depends on the plant is it symbiotic with as well as its degree of maturity.
intense and very pleasant scent, greater than any other truffle variety.
Maturation period:
from October to December.
Associations with woodland essences: it grows in hilly and mountainous terrain. In the area’s truffle grounds it symbioses with willow and poplar trees.
it varies in size from that of a nut to a large orange, although in some cases it can even reach the size of a large melon.